Website on severe weather hazards

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Terms and conditions of use

This is a hobbyist website which purpose is to inform and alert about hazardous weather phenomena, in particular lightnings. All options available on the website are free of charge and no payments resultant from their use are required. The exception is made for SMS message notification system, which has to be paid for in advance by the user on SMS gateway provider’s website. The owner of burze.dzis.net is not capitalizing on the services offered by the provider but only implements the option for sending SMS messages.

Website uses the resources opened for general use in order to detect atmospheric pressure discharges and issue severe weather alerts.

Indemnity (NOTICE!)

The owner of the website is not responsible for losses resulting from using this website. User bears the responsibility for using the content of this website.

The information on lightnings (both published on the website and sent in messages) should be treated as an approximated data. These information might be inaccurate or incomplete. For that reason the warning system might not respond in time. Therefore, the owner of the website is not responsible for the effects of user’s decisions made after consulting data extracted from this website.

It has to be noted that the notification system informs about lightnings after they occur and has no power to prevent them from striking. The system might not be able to send the alert about possible hazard on time when the minimal number of discharges and frequency of alerting is defined in certain values.

Weather alerts concerning hazardous weather conditions presented on the website come from the outside source. For that reason, the owner of the website is not responsible for incorrect or no alerts on hazardous weather conditions.

Options available on the website shall not be treated as a commercial offer.

This is not a commercial activity as defined by the liberty of commercial activity act issued on July 2, 2004, taxation law act issued on August 29, 1997 and electronic services act issued on July 18, 2002.

Terms of use of shared files is to be viewed in "For Webmasters" section.

Privacy policy

The author of the website respects the privacy of users using the website. The information provided by users is stored in the logs of the server logs and the website database. The data entrusted by users is used only for the purposes necessary for the proper administration of the website. All provided by users visiting the website are not transferred to third parties. Third parties are not treated as SMS gateway operators, providers of mailboxes through which the user wants to receive SMS or e-mail notifications from the website. If the user uses SMS notifications, the following data is forwarded to the SMS gateway operator. Login and password used to authenticate to the operator's SMS gateway, telephone number to which notifications should be sent, notification content. The text of the SMS or e-mail notification can include: geographical coordinates or a description of the submitted point provided by the user.

The user using the functionality of the website may change or delete data at any time.

The website may save information in the form of cookie files on the user's device. The following information is saved: login ID, enable / disable options supporting the process of using the website content. The website includes component Google Advertising Products, which can also use cookies. Non-personalized ads are displayed on Google Advertising Products for users who are in the European Economic Area (EEA) zone. The user can at any time remove and block the saving of cookies in the web browser settings. Blocking cookies may cause the website to malfunction.